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Specializing in the Accounting of Politics

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Campaign Ethics Consulting Services (CECS) is a financial consulting company specializing in the ever-changing field of campaign reporting in the state of South Carolina. Owner Leigh McGill has been assisting members of the South Carolina House of Representatives and South Carolina Senate with campaign reporting for more than a decade.

We work with our clients to ensure their campaign reports are filed in a timely manner and adhere to the strict rules of compliance set forth by the House, Senate and State Ethics Committees. Our due diligence can save you time and money.

We invite you to give us a call today at 864.906.8367 to learn more.

“Good intentions will not assure compliance with the complex filing and reporting requirements in our state. Campaign Ethics Compliance Services can guide you through the process and make your good intentions a reality.”

The Honorable Bruce Bannister, SC House of Representatives and Client of CECS for 14 Years

“As a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, navigating the campaign laws and ethics requirements can be a bit daunting. I sent an email to Leigh McGill and received a phone call almost immediately. I was astonished at her professionalism and acumen concerning campaign compliance. There is no need to spend days, weeks, and months concerning yourself with compliance when you have someone as capable as Leigh to navigate the process.”

Jay West, SC House of Representatives, Member


Leigh McGill

Leigh has been working with members of the South Carolina House of Representatives, the South Carolina Senate and the State Ethics Commission on various disclosure and accountability reports for over 14 years. She works on behalf of her clients to ensure elected officials remain in compliance with the ever-changing, complex laws governing campaigns and public disclosures.

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